Our Beneficiaries



LETI, 22

Limpio, Paraguay


Mother of  three kids, housewife. She lives with her children and husband, Gustavo. Leti prepares and sells food at the family store.

She needs to go walking to the local market to buy supplies and carry them back home everyday.

"Thank you so much for this opportunity", Leti told us. "I'll ride my kid to school and then go to the local market. It will even help me loose my belly", she said with a huge smile!!" 


Wilma, 30

Limpio, Paraguay


Mother of two, 7 year old Paola and 2 month old Thiago. She lives with her two children and her husband. 

Wilma is a housewife and she drops her daughter off at school and picks her up everyday, always carrying her little Thiago.



Limpio, Paraguay


Single, hardworking student.

Walks to school everyday - around a 5 mile trip. She helps her mom in the house and is a good student.



Carmelo, Peralta


Lives with her grandmother and mother, who has epilepsy. She is the bread-winner in the household. 

Goes to school and works, selling lettuce and onions in town.


Mercedes, 30

Limpio, Paraguay


Mother of two and a housewife living with her husband.

She has a sick mom, who lives two miles away from her house. Everyday she delivers food to her mom to make sure she is taking her medicine.


Ester, 17

Limpio, Paraguay


Single, good student.

Ester walks five miles round-trip everyday to get to school. She helps her mom around the house everyday and works as a housemaid.