A Note from Erin

Have you ever been out on your bike and thought, "What if my bike could transform young girls lives across the world?"

Nope ... neither had I....

Project Bike Love was inspired during the holidays on Christmas Eve when I opened a small jewelry box with a silver bracelet that had one single bike charm on it, and underneath the bracelet was a small note that read...
“In purchasing this gift you have bought a bike for a girl in India or Africa which will provide them transportation to school..." and went on to explain.
I was so moved by this gift that I began to cry right there. I was so inspired by the concept that I began to do research and talk to people in my community about the need for bicycles on a global level. I started to see that there are so many women and young girls around the world that are unable to get to school, work, or medical care due to the dangers of traveling on foot. Some of these dangers include, rape, murder, mugging, human trafficking and the list goes on and on. By giving these girls a bike we can change the world. I couldn't believe how just a bike could change a girls life. A bike that I use for fun can actually be life changing for young women around the world and for a price that most of us spend on bike stuff weekly.

I shared the idea for this project with Belen Ramirez who is an amazing young woman extremely passionate about empowering other young women. Belen is from Paraguay and has a deep connection to the community. In discussing our ideas we came up with our very first beneficiary community of young women in Paraguay that we have committed to transforming by bringing as many bikes to the community as possible with the help of our own cycling community. We want every woman who needs or wants a bike to have a bike. Not only will we bring bikes to this community but we will have the bikes purchased or made in Paraguay. We want the entire local economy to benefit. The best part.. we are going to deliver them and so could you as a Project Bike Love ambassador!  

Coming soon will be events in the Southern California area where our community can get together, socialize, ride bikes and have tons of fun making an impact on a global level. Please join us in the mission to bring bikes to girls around the world. 

We love you and we love our Bikes!

xoxo Erin