Sharing a Love Story..

On Jan 8th, Lupe and I went to a 5th Grade Class in Ladera Ranch. We were invited by Deanna Maass; a mountain biker friend, PBL supporter and great teacher.

I stood in front of the kids, with a stethoscope, a Doctors without Borders vest and a mountain bike helmet. I asked them “Why do you think I’m dressed like this? Don’t tell me it’s because I’m crazy!” Even though I’m proud to say that I am… A little! :)

I explained that I’m dressed like this because I believe that you can be whoever and whatever you want in life. You just have to follow your dreams! But at the same time, in another part of the world, one far away from Ladera Ranch, there are kids without the same opportunities as you. They don’t have the same chance to follow their dreams and become whatever they want.
We talked for an hour about Project bike Love, about Paraguay, and the world. They wanted to know if Paraguay was a 3rd world country; and what 3rd world means! We talked about empowerment, bikes and mountains! They were so eager to learn more about the World! I kept thinking, “Woooww our values in action!” 

                               Love – Empowerment – Community – Connection – Awareness

The kids decided to raise money for a bike for a 10 year old named Jazmin. I told them her story and they immediately fell in love with her. In order to raise the money, the kids plan to organize different activities. Right now they’re doing a coin drive. They have to do chores in the house; they’re not allowed to just ask their parents for the money!

At the same time, the kids went back home and talked to their parents about the experience. We received a donation in the name of one of the kids!

I once wrote about what the Paraguay Trip meant to me, “You don’t have to be a big organization to make a change, you just have to want to do it”

Days like this one at the school, teachers like Deanna, and those beautiful kids, give me so much hope! There is love in the world; we just need to keep spreading it!! 

Happy weekend everyone!!