The Adventure is Almost Here! - Belen

We’re only 2 days away from our first Project Bike Love trip. Erin, Amy and I are so excited, and I think we’re all showing it in a different way. I’m nervous about Paraguay itself. I feel so responsible for everything that will happen there and I ask silly questions to the girls, like, you can swim right? I mean we have to cross over a big river in little wood boats with a tiny engine! It should be fine, but you guys can swim even with piranhas right?  Once I realize my question was silly I make it even sillier. Hellooo, of course Erin and Amy can swim!!  (The boat and piranhas are for real, but they can swim!) 

There are so many things and people behind the scenes, like my good friend Fabiola. She has been an amazing friend in this entire journey!  When we got the donation of helmets, we were so happy that we couldn’t say no. When I was driving back home with all the boxes in my truck, Erin texted me, "Do you think we can have a problem with Customs??" I was thinking how to bring the helmets with us, but not customs! I didn’t think about that!

I called Fabi, who knows a lot about this. She called someone, asked the right question and voila, we just needed some papers and had to let people know that we were bringing helmets as donations and we were set. 

Another important person is Lupe, my sister in Paraguay. We have a saying, “Mojo la camiseta”. It’s difficult to make a literal translation but it means that she “Soaked the PBL T-shirt”. She put it on and worked hard until she was sweating. She does everything out of love, because she wants to help. She’s working on making an agenda. We will visit different places, meet different people, and have interviews with local newspapers. She’s solving issues on a daily basis… too many to explain here.

I’m so moved by these “behind the scenes” people. When I’m tired and I think why can’t I have a more “normal” life, I think it’s because Emilce, Lheyla and 38 other women will feel empowered and important, and it will be a life changing event for them. Because Lupe, Fabi, Sole, Alicia believed in us and worked hard to make sure everything was ready in Paraguay, because Amy was so moved with our passion that she bought herself a ticket to Paraguay, and said I’m going! I want to be part of this! Because of all the amazing people in the States who believed in us, donated, shared, and helped spread the word! Because of friends like Regina and Kimberly who sent letters to the girls! 

I realized my tiredness can be solved: by going to bed early and riding in the morning. But this project is much bigger than me, and yes I’m so blessed that I can go to bed early and ride my bike in the morning!!

We’re leaving on Friday night. We have 3 bags filled of helmets and 3 hearts full of love. I’ll let Erin and Amy tell you more about the Paraguayan adventure!

I’ll use my last days at SoCal home to ride! Bike Therapy can solve every anxiety issue!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!